Monday, March 16, 2009

Make Money Online - is it Possible for Lazy People?

There are lots of people thinking they can't possibly make money online . . . Only skeptically aware that there are scams . . . Excuses of they don't know how to succeed but still would purchase . . . Truth is 97% fail because they do not know what they are doing. Don't want to know how. And they are simply lazy. Are you one of them?

There are a lot of programs online, and each one you pass by, comes up with even more hype than the other. And people searching for ways on how to make money online, quite most of the time fall prey to these "get-rich-quick" schemes, telling that they will make $1000 and $2000 per day.

What most people rather experience?

The horrifying truth of reality. They have really been scammed, or simply been lied to. When they have paid for a program/ system, it could be $50, it could be $100 or even more - while it would in most cases have a worth of 1 tenth of the price. There would be no support. No anything. So how on this earth's surface are you suppose to know how to make a thousands dollars per day? Knowing absolutely nothing?

95% of all the people coming on the internet, looking for earning ways, are people that are totally desperate in making money online. Now they see this great "sounding" website on how to make money online. . . but they are not even given a clue on "how" they will be able to make this money. The magical words of the site, rather play forth an emotional game inside them . . . and then: they swipe the credit card once more (how easy) - hoping for their next new life to finally (but very hopefully) to come.

Why this always happens is because people "want" to believe that making money online is effortless. And even though logic intelligence would always come bouncing in from nowhere distracting their excited happy murage, that keep saying "no, no, no!", people never seem to learn. Deep inside them they would always feel that there should simply must be a real way of making money online.

So, is it possible to make money online?

Yes, of course. But real income, does not however come within hours or even days. It is only being seen with firstly:

1 Knowing which money earning opportunity would be best for you, by
2 Learning the different types of earning ways

It is all about accepting that there are no easy way . . . Or rather no overnight way to make money online. It could well be easy, but far from instant.

If you think at it from a logic point of view: as a newbie or someone who would take on something completely different you have no experience in . . . how will you be making $1000 within 1 day from start? Or even $100?

If one truly accept it is not going to be that effortless, such a person would already opened the pathways to success for himself.

By : Jason Jumat
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