Monday, November 17, 2008

Using Viral Marketing to Propel Your Online Business

As far as I’m concerned personally, any chance you have to get traffic virally, build your list virally, or distribute an ebook or software which can have viral elements you should be doing it.

The most popular and famous example of viral marketing was Hotmail. By placing a link at the bottom of their emails for anybody else to get their program created an overnight phenomenon. Day after day, there were thousands of more people signing up for Hotmail accounts. I don’t know what the count is these days but it’s in the millions. And the rights to Hotmail was sold for millions of dollars.

Recently, I visited a blog by a very good blogger named Jay. Jay was saying on his site, that he didn’t use viral link cloakers and was also explaining why he didn’t use them. Some of his reasoning was that, with many viral link cloakers they have a portion of the program that does build a list inside the site for you. Jay was stating that that sort of list that is inside a viral cloaking site isn’t really targeted at all. And you know what? He’s right! He’s right because many of the people that may be in your downline may not be in your niche at all. These people signed up through your reference to the site perhaps, but, I’m sure many of them did it for their own reasons of building their business, but they might be in the “no smoking” niche for all we know. Why would they want to receive emails from another guy that would perhaps be in the “food” niche etc.

I replied to Jay’s post because I knew that the method I’m using viral link cloaking for is entirely different. I told Jay that, for one, I have never emailed my downline in a viral link cloaking and tracking site. The reason I use viral link cloakers is because it gets my ads shown on hundreds of other sites. When my ads are clicked they are interested in the headline of my ad, then taken to a squeeze page of one of my free reports and then people opt-in to my real list! Jay agreed, stating that, yes, I can see if you use them that way it would benefit you. And it does! I enjoy new signups for my list everyday because of this method.

Most readers of my blog know I’m a huge advocate for Viral Spiral. Heck, I must be, I liked the program so much I jumped at the chance to work for Tim Brocklehurst. Not only did I love the system he created, but it also meant I could learn a thing or two from one of the people I considered a heavy influence on me. I’m actually learning a lot from him without even asking much of the time. So it worked out real great!

The type of list you build inside a Viral Spiral site isn’t the type that you build inside one of these viral link cloaking systems either. It is targeted to people in your niche. Why? Well, it’s because you supply all of the members of your site with your squeeze pages and re-brandable books, so they can build their own lists. By you having control of the squeeze pages and ebooks supplied your guaranteed everybody that joins your site signed up because they were interested in receiving your books, or software etc. So yes, it is targeted, more benefit for you and all of the members building inside your site!

Viral marketing solutions provide a great way of getting a non-stop flow of traffic to your offers. Use the systems consistently and long term and holy crap, in some time your traffic will get amazing.

My solution in using them for list building is pretty straight forward really.

I’ve been using Viral Link Tracker to drive traffic to ads, which are shown consistently on other peoples sites. The more I use it, the more ads are shown. The more people that use it below me, earns me more ads being shown. So guess what is in my ads? These ads are all pointing towards my squeeze pages. So using these ads across a huge network is building my list for me!

I also did upgrade my membership with Viral Link Tracker because it will allow me to have the power of more levels of sub-users earning me more ads. It just builds bigger, and bigger, it’s endless….seeing the power yet?

One of the last viral strategies that has to be mentioned is viral software.

I remember a while back Ewen Chia came out with My Free Website Builder. My Free Website Builder is basically NVU. But Ewen, in his ingenuity, came up with the idea to create a bit of a different interface for it with links pointing to his websites or different programs that he has developed and what not. He sent it out to his thousands of subscribers for free, and gave everybody permission to give it to all of their friends too. Hmmm, now why would he do that?

Well, viral, viral, viral…. every time somebody gives it away with his links in it, he’s getting traffic from all of those people, and then from all of the people that they give it to, and so on, and so on….once again endlessly!

I recently came across one such softwares that allowed me to re-brand it with any links I wanted.

Guess who I heard about it from? Ewen Chia of course. I re-branded it with links pointing back to some of the websites that I wanted to receive more traffic to. By giving this away, traffic will be coming in for years to come.

It was really inexpensive to do all this, and once re-branded, you can do whatever you want to with the software. You can sell it, or you can just give it away. Whatever you want really. I suggest that you let anybody that gets it from you either by paying for it or for free, you allow them to give it away as well. Hence, your viral traffic will start to happen again, in a whole other stream of flow.

By : Davin Ogden

Davin Ogden has various websites on the internet. He is also an affiliate manager for Tim Brocklehurst. He specializes in viral marketing tactics to help people with their online success. His helpful blog is at If you would like to download a FREE ebook and discover a powerful viral list building system owned by Holly Mann and Davin, just go to .

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