Monday, March 24, 2008

Selling your product

You can sell your products successfully through some well known online merchant processing platforms which were until now the uncrowned kingpins of the merchant accounts world. If you are a minor player, you would be satisfied with the system these platforms offer you – just as a novice would be happy with a basic cell phone. However, when you gather experience and you learn what is in your path to become a mega-seller, you would stand up and take notice.

When you outgrow the small seller’s position you would realize the painful process you might have to go through to set up a larger presence – you would need to have a protected download page which would ensure that your products would stay safe from illegal use; you would have to get a reliable web hosting, a cloaking script and so many other paraphernalia just to stay on the top of it.

Additionally, every time you need a tiny change you would need to run helter-skelter for an appropriate tool and/or script which by itself is horror to handle. Finding them would not solve your problem; you would need to have them installed whether the requirement is about tools, mods or scripts and until you try to do it, you would not understand what the real meaning of a nightmarish experience is.

Your worries would not end with the downloading; you would have to coordinate them because they would work only if they are compatible with each other, which if they are not, would have you start from scratch. Groan!

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